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This list is a work-in-progress as my likes and dislikes shift depending, sadly, upon my mood ^^;; I also have this tendency to forget stuff.. so this list will constantly be updated!

Last Revision On 04.17.2008

Wish List (aka: Stuff I REALLY WANT)
SweetFace Sack stickers (any design); NyanNyanNyanko Deco Tape (any design); NyanNyanNyanko Memo Pads (any design); Disney Princess Deco Tapes (Jasmine/Ariel/Belle); Monokuro Boo memo pads & sack stickers; Baby Jam Memo Pads (any design)

Current Obsessions!!
Mini Envelopes, Disney Letter Sets (Specifically: Ariel, Jasmine, Belle, Tinkerbell), Deco Tapes (Specifically: Sanrio, Cram Cream, Disney), Roller Stamps, Sack Stickers, Jewel Cat, letter pads

Favorite Kawaii Brands
Sanrio, San-X, Mindwave, Kamio, CRUX, Cram Cream, Q-lia

Kawaii Loves
Hello Kitty, Chococat, Badtz-maru, Cinnamoroll, Cinnamoangels, Charmmy Kitty & Sugar and Honeycute, Cats, Kittens, Puppies, NyanNyanNyanko, Sweet Face, Puppy Bakery, Sweets (specifically: pudding, cakes, strawberries, chocolate), Kawaii Girls, Baby Jam, Lions, black and white stuff, hearts, random shapes, Disney Princesses (specifically: Jasmine, Belle, Ariel, Tinker Bell), witches, sakura blossoms, clovers, cows, Monokuro Boo (omg especially the black piggy!), Milk Project, Cheerful Lion, Jewel Cat

Kawaii Likes
My Melody & Kuromi, Sugar Bunnies, Keroppi, Little Twin Stars, Jimmy & Patty, Rabbits, Pandapple, NoHoHon, Zodiac stuff, anime/manga stuff, baby animals

Kawaii Dislikes
Pucca, FroolieMew, monkeys, Chiwawa Twins, NoHoHon Park, Babies (Real or not), Clay-looking animals/people, fast food characters (example: a walking hamburger O.O;;), Mashimaro, Midnight Kitchen, Diddl

Kawaii Item Loves
Letter Sets, Sack Stickers, Memo Pads, Mini Letter Sets, Mini Envelopes, Fold 'n Seals, Pencils, Deco tapes (all sizes), Erasers, Envelopes, Sticker Sheets, metal stickers, vellum sheets, die cut sheets, letter pads

Kawaii Item Dislikes Also includes stuff I currently have too much of
Tissue Packs, Puffy Stickers, Diary/Schedule Refills, Datebook Stickers, Keyboard stickers, Cell phone stickers, off-brand products, Diaries, boot leg items (aka: unofficial rip off items)
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